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Why car accidents are increasing

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Choose one of the issues pertaining to driving and write an argumentative essay.

Why car accidents are increasing 

Every accident on the road has its reasons. The first and most prevalent reason of car accidents  are a violation of road rules. Under the road rules, we understand a complex of regulations that  include pedestrians, drivers, passengers and vehicles whose motion is subject to certain rules that may have a significant practical importance. The violation of road rules covers  over speeding, enter into oncoming line, noncompliance with a recommending distance to the next car, drink driving. More young drivers have a negligent attitude towards rules, therefore the number of incidents are increasing.

The second reason of the increasing of car incidents is a defective vehicle. Faulty brakes, defective steering, improper or not adjusted headlights and other lights, modified tire tread, etc can be a cause of an accident. In that case, the negligence of a car is subject to a culpability. The paradox of it is that a person can be a good driver but would not be able to do anything if he or she finds out that something has gone wrong on the road during the process of driving.

The third reason of car accident growth is the state of roads. Those problems may be due to the poor surface or poor weather conditions. In the first case, when there road has some failures and scanty pavement may not meet the special requirements of the road surface, may have a handful of potholes and dents or abraded road marking. Snow, rain, and frost can be the determinant in many accidents. Those weather conditions can be a hindrance to visibility and adhesive power between tires and pavement surface.

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