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The JEDP theory

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 The JEDP theory analysis

The JEDP theory in brief is the theory which states that 5 first books: Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Liviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, were not the creations of Moses. Theory states that not only Moses but other authors after him are the creators of these writings. The basis for the theory lies in God and his different names; the writings have different language style. This makes it impossible to be written by only one author. Authors used Jehovah and Elohim for God’s names and those are the first 2 letters of the JEDP abbreviation; author of Deuteronomy stands for “D”, “P”- priestly author of Levictus. There is no basis in reality and history in the writings (except Bible and other existing documents) according to the JEPD theory. None of the documents stated previously were discovered. Ancient Jewish or Christian scholar never had a slight hint to the existence of such documents.

Yes. Torah is different and more important than Prophets, Writings and the rest of the Hebrew Bible. Torah was written ahead of the “Prophets”, “Writings” were still not finished and open during the intertestamental period. Torah is more important therefore. The reason for this statement lies in it being a foundation for the Jewish people that the other parts in the Bible. Torah played greater role in history. There is oral Torah (narrative) which accompanies biblical one; there is no tradition in Jewish culture to accompany Prophets and Writings. Bible can’t do without Prophets and Writings though, but Torah is not on the same level as those.
Torah is the foundation of the “books of Moses’, and makes books central to the whole Jewish culture and identity.

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