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Sample of a College Application Letter On School Counseling Degree

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    Application letter

Sample of a custom College Application Letter 

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to apply for Queens College for degree on school counseling.

I am a qualified school worker, with more than 5 years of experience in providing assistance within Early Childhood Development area helping during educational process and counseling children. I have a great commitment to provide the highest standard of quality care to children and their families in order to contribute smooth educational process that improve children’s’ quality of life.

I have obtained Bachelor’s degree on Psychology, specializing in children and youth studies. For whole my life I do small steps I order to obtain counselling profession, because it is the only position that I truly belong to. That is why this year I made the decision to apply for further education. Since the childhood, I have always been a good listener and tried to find some good advice for my friends and relatives and it never mattered to me if it was related to their personal life or career. People always feel very comfortable to share their thoughts and fears with me. The best reward for me is if I can help to find a good solution to solve someone’s problem. While I do not always have a solution to each problem, still I am being a good support for those who need it.

Unforgettable work experience in public school 225 and Open House Nursery School where I had to work with children of different age encouraged me to apply for counselling profession. In fact, I was already very fascinated by these concepts and ideas before I even begin to study this subject. Iintrapsychic and interpersonal dynamics always inspired me and I tried so hard to learn more. One of my goals is to understand what makes people to make certain decisions in life? Who or what motivates their actions and behavior?

It might sound a little selfish but I really enjoy this feeling when at work everybody needs my help and support. This feeling keeps me up-to-date every day about a lot of different subjects. In five years I see myself involved in international social project and after that I would like to have my own “School of advices”. Some people simply feel that they were "called” to help others on emotional and psychological levels and I truly believe I have obtained enough knowledge from my background to be able to choose that I want specifically work with children in high school, as dealing with teenagers is pretty tough and I love being challenged.

My resume is attached and provides additional information of my professional experience and career achievements. Please let me know if it is required to provide additional details. I look forward to become a student in Queens College and being able to discuss studying process with you further.

Thank you for attention!

Best regards,

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