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What are your primary strengths? What aspects of yourself would you like to strengthen and improve? What do you hope to learn during the MBA Program that will help you refine your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?

Nobody is perfect and we should be thankful for this. By improving ourselves we learn new, we fall, stand up, get more experience and bruises. We keep on going ahead pointing out our strong sides and minimizing the influence on the weak ones on us or working on them.

    My working experience helped me to obtain most of the qualities that I use now at my current work. The first working position gave me cold mind in solving complex business tasks and taught good analyzing. In 2006-2008 I learned how to deal with complaining about streamlining workflow process by transitioning from manual to automated system. 

    While working as Financial Planning & Analyst Manager in Management Consulting Firm, Washington, DC from 2008 to 2013, I took part in coordinating team efforts and project governance and at the same I was able to maintain financial models and keep on widening my analyzing data and trends, improved my oratory skills in process discussions and business process reviews. 

    I think my best quality lies in guiding the project team into organizing, analyzing and working on data and at the same time contributing to the results being finished according to the contract. I am not accustomed to simple standard strategies or well-known ways for solving a puzzle. Every deal needs its own solution sometimes unique and even unexpected but effective at the same time. Creativity is a leverage for progress and innovations and that is why I try to switch on my imagination and search for a new path in the same field. 

    Leadership is one of my strengths too. I am good at helping others to perfect problem resolution, business and economic functions. When the time is critical, it is truly significant not to let your team back down and correct their route into the right direction again. 


But as I have already said there are no absolute things and no perfection. All the strengths or skills need training and they always claim for development, inner and outer growth. I am sure, I still have a lot to do for increasing my leadership, managing, and organizational skills. There is no stopping for the rising of creativity and innovation levels too. 

    What do I hope to learn during the MBA program that will help me to refine my strengths and minimize my weaknesses? First of all I want to get a better command of capital management and capital investment decisions, information systems and technology, which will strengthen my financial knowledge, because knowledge is a power with no objection. I also expect to raise my leadership and negotiation skills, to learn some new ways how to be a successful leader and usher your team to success.

 I will be flattered when I get some new experience in innovation technologies and creativity skills for making my working even simply more interesting and efficient. I am not sure about my multiculturalism, so I think MBA program will provide me with a great chance to accept and explore multiple cultural traditions. 

To sum up, it is worth saying that life always give us chances we should use. And everything that happens is for the better. Now I am certain that MBA is my chance for self-development and improvement. Of course, I will not be able to become perfect in all life spheres after graduation but at least I will be for a lot of steps closer to it and MBA can help me to do it. 

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