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4 hours$27$31$39$46
8 hours$22$26$31$44
12 hours$20$24$27$42
24 hours$19$23$26$36
48 hours$15$19$22$31
3 days$12$16$19$27
5 days$11$15$18$23
7 days$10$14$17$22
14 days$8$12$15$20

All prices are given in USA for writing 1 page. For more than 6 years now, we approach every order individually by finding the most professional and eligible writer to complete your order on time by your specific instructions.

These prices do not include the VAT. Prices for EU customers or customers located on the territory of EU will vary on VAT of the country the customer is at.

Prices at turninpaper.com are attractive and very affordable for every student. 

We have been asked to complete a number of different assignments, including academic-oriented researches, lab reports, literature reviews, thesis assignments and web textual content. The techniques we use is to listen to our customer more than most of the companies do. 

Our customers come back to us with different types of assignment. Some have their own ideas written in several documents and they want us to work on them and make sure everything is in its own place. These customers usually value their own message in the research paper but they need our help putting everything together in its places. Sometimes our customers struggle with their research topics or lab assignments and the knowledge they get in the classroom is simply not enough to deliver a quality piece. We help our customers with their topics as we have been doing that for more than six years and therefore have a wide database of people with different backgrounds and specializations. 

Turninpaper.com chose not to only work with writers, but mostly with the professionals with various specializations and backgrounds. Work routine might get very boring for people who are proficient in a certain area and helping students like you are might light up someone’s day, as they transferred their knowledge to someone who will appreciate it. 

Pricing on our web is based on several criteria including the type of work you need to be done, umber of pages, urgency, academic level and a type of writer. 

The type of work you need to be done implies to the type of work you need to get done, whether it is a research that has to be done from scratch or an editorial help that would put your paper together. We can also help you if you have your paper submitted already and you received specific comments from your profession on what should be fixed throughout it. 

Please note that a research our writers and professionals conduct is only based secondary. We do not usually conduct the primary researches like interviews or personal questionnaires, observations or focus group interviews. We follow this rule only due to the geographical issues and the time that has to be spent on making such a research. 

You can contact us at any time regarding the price for the assignment you need. You can send us all your instructions and specification and we will tell you the price for your order based on your specific instructions. We value a very close communication with our customers as we are here for you to provide you the best academic help experience.

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