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Writing Your Own Term Paper

Giving you some tips on writing a good term paper, it is important to mention that this type of writing requires the knowledge of the whole course. Students are usually required to write a term paper either at the end of the course or at the end of the semester. Term paper writing is important as it has a significant influence on the course grade overall. This paper usually gives the professor a general understanding on how did you perceive the information that you have gone over in class. 

Professors usually provide certain amount of questions so that the students could focus on answering them. Term paper writing usually involves from 3 to 5 questions to be answered, and a word limit is being set for every answer. Most schools request students to answer mid term question in 1.5-2 pages each, which results a term paper to be approximately 8-10 pages long. It is very important to follow the exact grading criteria provided by your professor, where the paper format and the questions are specified. 

Here are some tips to follow in order to get the highest grade for your term paper.

1. Be precise! 

As you have noticed, the professor expects you to address the question in a critical way. 1.5-2 pages are not usually enough to write a quality respond to a question, address it from several perspectives and look at it from different dimensions.

2. Use at least 2 sources for each question

Usually students are required to provide a brief summary of the questions, state the answer and then explain the answer. Term paper is like a combination of several separate papers and, therefore, sometimes a significant number of sources may be used in order to provide a decent citation of your answer. Professors usually ask to use at least 2 outside sources, meaning that you can use your textbook to get information, but additional sources are a mandatory. 

3. Do not forget to proofread your term paper out loud. 

A term paper is like a combination of several essay, covered under one main idea, which usually is the purpose of the whole course. Answering each question is not easy and requires a deep research, looking through a number of sources. It is better to write answers in your term paper like you was about to give an oral presentation on each question. This will help you to deliver your thoughts better and do not forget that your professor grades what you write and not what you intended to write. 

4. Follow grading criteria chart precisely. 

Very often professors require students to incorporate all questions under one essay and a number of techniques should be used so that the essay would bring a message. In such cases an introduction and a conclusion are crucial, along with the thesis statement. However, often the grading criteria would tell you to write both introduction and a conclusion, but to state every question and the answer below it. There are also cases, when no introduction or conclusion are needed and only the questions must be answered. It is totally up to your professor, but it is very important to read the grading criteria before starting working on your term paper.