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Sample - Applying Servant Leadership | Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies Essay Sample

1- Summary of the principles of servant leadership employed by the leader.

The principles of servant leadership include listening, awareness, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and community building. Servant leaders are encouraged enough to build and fortify the relationships with other team members and appreciate and value the expertise and contribution of others in planning and provision of care. The integration of servant leadership principles in practice has less to do with directing other people and more to do with serving their needs and in fostering the use of a shred power in an effort to enhance the effectiveness in the professional role (Selladurai and Carraher, 2014).

The servant leader believes his mission is to serve the needs of others. Servant leaders should lead and develop employees for the mutual benefit of the group, employee, and company. Servant leaders have qualities such as honesty, good listening skills, patience and gratitude and are more concerned about the needs of others other than their own. (Selladurai and Carraher, 2014).

2- Specific examples to illustrate the leader's application of servant leadership principles.

Servant readership usually focuses on the needs of others. One of the bright examples on our society is the leadership style of Barack Obama. He is often being compared to Martin Luther King for his leadership and resemblance in targeting social issues like the unfair distribution of wealth.

In addition, Obama is often seen to be having a different approach in his speeches. His attraction to empathy and his aspiration on building upon the society are the key features of the servant leader. His approach is to see a bigger picture and be able to see not only the most bright details, but paying attention to such details that might seen insignificant to others.

3- Information about the unique way the leader inspires follower ship.

Fellowship appears under the important influence of leadership. A leader has no meaning unless he has followers. Fellowship does not always happen by enforcing authority. A true fellowship happens when a leader inspires and gives a sense of direction to the organization. Fellowship requires behaviors that reflect a willingness to defer to another person in some way. (Bryman, 2011)

Fellowship may appear when the leader shares his vision with his followers in order to unite and create a social group around this vision. Therefore only inspiring and sharing a vision could establish the fellowship, as the fellowship shares and the common idea.

4- Discussion of what would you seek to emulate or see more of in your own organization from both the people who lead you and the leadership you provide to others?

A very important aspect about the leadership is a fringe between dictatorship and the actual leadership. My experience shows, that it is impossible to become a leader when all the subordinates are afraid of their leader. There is no leadership where there is fear. Leadership could be achieved by a common vision, respect and understanding. For the leader it is important to be a day-to-day inspiration and be attentive to every member of the team. Being a leader is not easy, as it requires an everyday update on the team, including their personal life, needs and the satisfaction level. Servant leadership may be effective in some areas of management; however, in organizational management there should be discipline, which is very hard to establish when performing a servant leadership style. (Bryman, 2011)


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