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How to Write an Introduction and for Your Essay

How to Write an Introduction for Your Essay

Introduction is the most important part of your essay as this is the first thing the reader or your professor, in particularly, sees when reading your paper. Introduction is the first paragraph of your essay that serves a roles of a business card of the whole paper you are going to write further. This relatively small piece of writing is crucial, as it represents the importance of the topic discussed in the paper, your standpoint and tidbit on the further analysis. 

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How should you begin your Introduction?

A regular introduction paragraph usually consists of a sequence of several parts, when each of them has a specific role. It is not a mandatory to include all of those roles in your introduction or use a specific sequence of them, but these roles are here to help you to write a strong introduction for your essay. 

Writing an introduction, you should aim to include only enough information to let your reader understand why are you developing this topic or a question, in what context and why your theory, prognosis and expected outcomes are reasonable. It could also serve a role of a preview of the rest of your essay. The roles, given below, are the backbones of the structure of your introduction. It varies from paper to paper and from discipline to discipline on how many roles you use when writing an introduction. 

                    - Definition of the topic and some brief background. 

                    - Aauthors’ objectives.

                    - Accepted state of mind, including the problem to be resolved.

                    - Introduction to some literature to be discussed in the paper furthermore. 

                    - Aim of the present work.

                    - Main results and conclusions.

                    - Future implications.

                    - Outline of the structure. 


How long should the introduction be?

Introduction paragraph for an average research paper should not exceed 1.5 pages double spaced.  Some papers, whose length exceeds 20-25 double spaced pages may have introductions more than 2 pages long. So it usually varies from type of paper and the topic. 


Is Thesis Statement important ?

Thesis statement is a crucial part of your introduction. It is common to start your conclusion part with the last sentence of your introduction, where you stand a point of your question or essay. Therefore, your thesis statement, which is the last sentence of your introduction should clearly stand the position so you could literally use it as the first sentence of your conclusion. Professors often pay a very close attention to this part of your introduction and there even might be a separate grading criteria for thesis statement. 

Please note that none of the analysis should be provided in the introduction paragraph. As it is only a review for your essay and only a background information may be used. You can also use your introduction to discuss the importance of the topic and the areas of coverage.