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How to Write a Comparative Essay

How to Write a Comparative Essay

Comparative essay is the type of assignment where student are required to make a comparative analysis between two or more things. Usually, it could be position on an issue, texts, pictures, theories, events or places. In order to write a killing comparative essay and get an A, you should follow the next steps. 


1. Write a strong thesis statement

Comparing two or more objects, it is important to write a thesis by stating that A and B are somewhat similar, however, at the same time are quite different. It is better if you could give a quick explanation.


2. Provide similarities and differences

Writing a comparative essay, it is important to focus on things two or more object relate and differ. It may be difficult to construct the essay and how to state the similarities and differences of A and B. Use raw data when comparing your target objects. 


3. Frame of reference

This frame is the context you use to place two objects and make a comparison. It could comparison of visual differences or the theme assigned by your professor. 


4. Structuring your comparative essay 

The introduction of your essay should state the frame of reference and the grounds of the comparison where you are going to compare your objects. The last sentence of your instruction should be a thesis statement and state the main position of the paper. 


There are two main ways of how to structure the comparative essay:

           - Text-by-text method gives you an option to state everything about object A first and then object B, and in the conclusion summarize the main differences and similarities.

           - Point-by-point method requires you to pre-select points you are going to analyze your objects within. State your point and then discuss what A and B have with it. Try to put each point into a separate paragraph. 

Writing a comparative essay is important to develop analyzing skills and link object A to object B. It is highly recommended to use the transition words, while trying to like both objects, like moreover, conversely, on the other hand, likewise, similarly

Sampe Comparative Essay: Dining Comparison Paper

Everybody has a favorite place to eat. Eating out can be a very pleasant experience or a disastrous one. People are free to choose from a wide range of different restaurants where to spend time and have a meal. Although, not all restaurants are the same and each has different characteristics regarding class, interior, cuisine and service. This paper provides a comparison of 4 different restaurants (fast food, casual, upscale): McDonald’s, Panda Express, Applebee’s and Delmonico’s.

McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant, with quite simple style inside: simple tables, a lot of red and yellow colors (the official McDonald’s colors), ordinary furniture, even though the space is quite big the restaurants are always packed. Décor is mainly consists of product posters on the walls and absolute must have – the glass shelf with the toys from “happy meal”. McDonalds is always clean because of cleaning personnel and McDonald’s policy of cleaning after one’s self. Usually McDonald’s is always packed. There are no reservations and none needed. The service is acceptable.  Service providers are smiling and cheerful. All employees are competent and know their job. Value of choice 7/10, I will eventually return (Bellomo, 2016).

Panda Express is a casual restaurant which specializes on American Chinese cuisine. Panda Express is typically located in airports and food courts in malls. Panda Express is table service restaurant. The décor is simple and the main thing about Panda Express is the emblem. It is a clean place and usually busy during afternoon and evenings. Reservations are not required. Service is not as good as in McDonald’s. Service providers are customer friendly and it is not rare to see a Chinese worker in Panda Express. Employees are competent. Value of choice is 5/10. I would return there only if there are no other options available.

Another example of the casual restaurant is Applebee’s. Applebee’s offers casual dining and mainstream dishes like salad, chicken, pasta and also the signature dish – riblets. Applebee’s restaurants have bar area where alcohol is served. The interior in Applebee’s is better than in McDonald’s and especially Panda Express. It is also a clean place, with simple American and modern style. The furniture is ordinary and plain. Atmosphere is nice and I would say cozy. Business level during morning is a bit slow and in the evening it is mostly packed with hungry customers. In Applebee’s there is no need for reservation and it is actually not available. My impression is overall good and service was acceptable. The service providers were friendly and cheerful. The employees who work there are great: I didn’t have to wait for my order too long, I got what I exactly ordered and left happy about my experience in Applebee’s. The restaurant is 9/10 and I would definitely return to dine there.

The last restaurant left to compare is the upscale restaurant Delmonico’s. This restaurant is different from 3 other ones because of it class. The style inside Delmonico’s is Venetian and very elegant. The tables are covered with beautiful white table cloths, the furniture is very expensive looking and comfortable. Atmosphere is delightful, relaxed and very inspirational. This place is very clean and fancy. Business is vivid during the evening, but it also has customers during the day. This place has reservations, and has online reservation option available. The service is outstanding, the food is classy and tasty, very elegant place. Service providers are nice and very tolerant. The value of the restaurant choice is 10/10. Even though it is a very fancy place to eat I would like to return there and have enjoyable experience once again.



Bellomo, R. (2016). You Won't Even Recognize The McDonald's Of The Future. Delish. Retrieved 4 April 2016, from http://www.delish.com/food-news/a45508/mcdonalds-rebranding-and-redesigning-locations-nationwide/