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Guaranteed Ways to Become a Better Writer

Every student who is a writer of any sort aspire to know one thing: how do I become better in writing? There are a lot of ways one can do this. One of the easiest ways is to get individual help in the form of consultations from expert writers, find writing essay service, or take coaching classes (there are lots of available free courses online at educational platforms such as Coursera or Edex or Futurelearn) heck you could even enroll in the physical school of writers or journalist. But here are three foolproof ways you can become better writers following the basic tips any course will teach you.

Be a voracious reader
When you read, you structure your thoughts, polish your vocabulary and it will help you to skirt the canvas of written context as you are exposed to it in various forms. Through the readings, you’ll learn the styles and quirks of various authors. Whenever you like an idea, thought or expression - write it down. You might develop the notion in your own writing or embellish your content with a flamboyant expression. Reading will shape your mind, breathe life on your creativity, and give you ideas that will eventually make their way onto paper. 

Take notes and Study Authors
Studying the sapid stories with glamorous characters is not only the reason why you should read. It is important to study the authors whose novels/articles/stories you read because it will help you to understand better what has influenced them. Learn when the author lived, what was his philosophy (every writer has their own worldview). You may even notice similarities between some stories and authors’ lives.

Practice and track the progress
If you want to speak better, than speak. If you want to write better - write. If you don’t write, you there is no way to become better. This is a given. All the journalists or writers devote a solid chunk of time for writing. Of course, some people might be gifted writers, yet it is vital to develop this ability. It is very encouraging to track the progress of your improvement: When you scan your works from over the years, it’s astonishing to look back and see the growth that has taken place and possibly even gain inspiration for a new project.