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Essay Sample - Admission Essay

Task:  Summarize your current level of responsibility and decision- making ability in your company (See Attached Resume). What role do you play in your organization's strategy? What are your career goals for the next five years?(I'd like to move into a leadership position in Financial Capacity) What steps do you see yourself taking to achieve these goals? How will an MBA help you reach these goals?


Name: Stacey Halloman



    To begin with, I would like to start my letter from simple words that always guide me all my life: ‘Actions speak louder than words’. The more things you do, the more you get in the life and there is no time to waste it on empty words without actions.

    A person should always care about self-development and personal educational growth. I am sure that it is never too late to get more information because as wise people say ‘...Information and knowledge rule the world’. As for now, I can state that I got good working experience, have particular skills on analyzing companies on functional and quantitative basis and recommending process improvements, but knowledge and experience are things that you always use and there is no time for stopping on the way to getting them more. 

    I have got Masters of Accounting, University of Maryland and Bachelor of Science in Finance, University of Maryland. I started my working career since 2004 till now. As a financial analyst I recognized and solved complex business problems through general ledger reconciliations and variance analysis for monthly budget/forecast vs. accruals. Working as a senior financial analyst gave me an opportunity to develop and control $5M Finance departmental budget and administer and manage full scope of accounting activities, including cash flow, reporting, internal controls and change initiatives. I facilitated major technology projects and approved business requirements for solutions targeted to business objectives and system enhancement requests. 

  The position of financial planning and analyst manager helped me to get coordinated team efforts and project governance; managing the budget, staff, scope, and client relationships for various work streams; primary client facing point of contact to ensure that team needs are being met and that workplans are in line with strategic project objectives.

My current working position as a financial consultant senior associate allowed me to execute a lead role in designating the tasks of the project team in gathering, organizing and analyzing data and make major contributions in assuring deliverables were met  according to the contract/work plan as assisting in the selection and tailoring of approaches, methods and tools to support service offering for the Office of Federal Financial Management (OFFM), identifying opportunities to improve engagement profitability and building a nurture and positive working relationships with clients with the intention to exceed client expectations.

Strong people always put goals and do steps to achieve them. I do not plan to stop either. Now I would like to move into a leadership position in Financial Capacity because I am convinced my experience allows me to do it. I will be open to new ideas and challenges which at the same time will add me more knowledge and skills in financial sphere and provides me with an excellent chance to take steps forward to broadening my horizon. I see the only way how to achieve my goal – brave actions, working hard, using all valuable chances and not being afraid to fall, make mistakes, stand up and keep on moving frontwards. 

MBA will surely help me on the way to my aim. It will give me a good functional course in the valuation of financial assets, corporate social responsibility and governance. Moreover, I am hundred percent convinced that MBA is the best way for gaining perfect growth of leadership, innovation, creativity, thinking skills and project management. I will be really one of the luckiest if I have a chance to get it and be proud after graduating. 

In conclusion, I would like to quote Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized leader in the development of innovation and human resources: ‘The point is not to be the best, but to be the best you can be’. I promised to myself to do my best in life, I want and I will use my chances to make it come true.