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Cross Cultural Management Essay Sample

1. Summarize the cultural factors that according to survey, correlate strongly with strong financial performance. Which do you consider to be the key factor? Explain your reasons.

According to the report from the given research the financial performance of the company is directly related to ten different aspects of the global talent management. The talent management itself presupposes the rational and efficient using of the human resources in order to achieve the main goals of the company. Thus, the financial performance and profit in business are directly connected with the given strategy. The key dimensions were the creation of the consistent talent evaluation procedures, the management of cultural diversity and also the mobility of global leaders. To my mind, the development of the cultural awareness and diversity is one of the key factors of the successful development of one’s business. Such an approach helps managers and company workers gain the international experience, get to know the mindset of different cultures and therefore, find the right way of organization of their work on the international level. It is helpful not only in that sense that the company representatives become able to efficiently sell their service or product abroad, but also efficiently organize the work process inside of the company, especially in the multinational one.


2. On the basis of the survey’s findings, how can the cultural experiences of managers returning from working abroad best be used of the company’s benefit?

The investigation has shown that the gaining of the international experience helps the employees to get free from the national silos, become more confident and provide the high level of mobility for their company. Having got some overseas experience, they are able not only to use the effective global mobility practices, but also share their knowledge with others. The rotation of the human resources helps the company to keep moving and bring new techniques, approaches and methods in the whole system. The experience from abroad makes the employees more open-minded and ready for changes, because the isolation in one geographical zone only can lead to the absence of any creative development and progress. 


3. What, in your opinion should be the shared ‘talent evaluation processes’ which could liberate ‘talent trapped in national silos’?

In my opinion, each progressive and developing company should definitely share the basic talent evaluation process principles and be ready to accept new approaches and ideas in this respect. It is very difficult for many countries nowadays to understand how to make the recruitment more effective. It has become very popular, for example, not only to evaluate the people’s education, work experience and language competency, but also analyze his or her personality traits with the help of different psychological tests or questions. Many companies have become aware of that fact that the ability to deliver, to perform, to work in a team and in very stressful conditions are those important aspects one has to pay attention to. The managers should rethink and change their hiring strategies and the international experience is very useful in this respect. 


4. What may explain the sudden departure by the president of France when French Industrialist used English to address the summit meeting?

Each nation appreciates their culture and language and very often the language becomes the main symbol of the country’s identity and uniqueness. In this case Chirac stormed out, because he could not yet accept the fact that English language was becoming the leading language and very important French politicians opted for speaking English rather than their native tongue. The language for him is to some extent the very essence of his Frenchness. Also he was against the linguistic uniformity and believed that the absence of the language identity can eventually lead to the disappearing of one’s national identity. He did want to believe that the future could be successful and possible with using only one language. The dialogue of cultures according to Chirac had to be conducted in many languages, each of which represented the certain country. 


5. Why, according to the interviews, is English used more and more in French boardrooms?

According to the interview, most French companies are working abroad, they send their services and production overseas and therefore, English language has become a vital instrument for the successful development of the economic and political life of the country. The French politicians are more and more often present at the international boards and accepting the fact that English has become a lingua franca is the step towards a higher level of the intercultural communications and finding of the compromise. Besides, one can also find in the interview the statement that English is widely associated with the notion of democracy itself and once one speaks this language, his or her talk already implies the terms of liberalism and freedom. 


6. What, according to Jean-Louis Muller, do French and English seem to represent in terms of cultural identity?

The fact described by Jean-Louis Muller serves as a clear evidence for that fact that English has become a purely instrumental language. One can even compare it to some strategy or technology which is obligatory and once people communicate on the business level and cooperate all over the world, they need to make themselves clear for the whole international society. It has become more the matter of comfort and efficiency than the matter of identity. Of course, people are tolerant towards each other and one should always respect somebody’s language and culture, but is the French political leader starts speaking English with other French man at the official meeting, it should not be taken as the disrespect or violation of the main national principles. Many people have a negative attitude towards conformity, but otherwise the world would not be able to communicate and the whole process of globalization could fail to go further.