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Communication Papers

Whenever writing an essay on communication the most important factor is what type of paper is required, whether it is a research essay, midterm paper, literature review, article analysis or question and answer essay. Each of these types of essay have different academic requirements in regards of the number of sources used, the type of writing style, the structure, citation format, the depth of analysis and research. Midterm essays on communication usually have only a couple of questions that have to be answered. They usually require student to pay a close attention to the written content and the depth of research should be professional enough to give a broad analysis on the communication question. Midterm essays on communication require students to write at least 1 page double spaced as an answer to each of the questions. The question and answer format only requires students to write only a couple of sentences without going deep into analysis and research. 

Importance of Communication

#1a. Explain the importance of effective communication to your career and to the companies where you will work. 

Communication is the exchange of information, based on which the manager or a company employee receives the information needed to make effective and efficient operational decisions. The effectiveness of communication is often determined by the quality of decisions and the way they actually will be implemented (Edwards, 2013).

#1b. Why do you think communication is vital to the success of every business organization? Explain briefly.

Without exchange of information today, not a single organization can survive in the world of business. Thus, communication can be called a linking process (Tuhovsky, 2015). Moreover, it is one of the most important management tools in the hands of the manager and at his disposal.

#2a. Explain what it means to communicate as a professional in a business context.

Being a professional in terms of communication facilitates for the person to make a good first impression on everyone from the surrounding, family, mentors, employer, and business partners. Everyone who is involved in the communication process wants the person whom they are communicating with to convey a positive image, as it foremost reflects on them. In a career, such a person will represent the business or company in spoken and written form. The professionalism of such a person and attention to detail will reflect positively on the aforementioned person and set you up for success (Edwards, 2013).

#2b. How are social networks, wikis, and other social technologies changing the practice of business communication?

The social media, all social networks in terms of speed of communication are the fastest means of communication. Using the social media is among the easiest ways to share, send and receive content and information (Tuhovsky, 2015). Social media is the source of the newest cultural trends and the freshest news. An important fact is that the social media is free of charge making it possible for anyone to sign up and use. An immense amount of people are signed up to the most popular social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like (Tuhovsky, 2015).


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