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Autobiography Sample Example Essay

A professional autobiography must be submitted with this application. The content and writing style will provide important information about you and your understanding of the goals and values of the Ph.D. and social work profession. Please include discussion of the following items in your report.
The relationship between past educational and employment experiences and your decision to pursue the doctorate in social work,
The relationship between your decision to pursue doctoral education in social work and your long-range career goals,
Your rationale for electing to pursue doctoral education at this particular time in your career

I am John Doe – a person, who decided to become a social worker. I graduated the University of Tennessee to obtain necessary knowledge to apply my skills and abilities to help people who need it.

Due to a large amount of social problems, there is an urgent need for social work, which aims to decrease the tension in society. There is a diminishing opinion that society has a moral obligation to provide poor people with food, housing and health care and let the young an opportunity to have an education. My career as a social worker has been an eye opening and defining private experience for me. I find myself always focusing on the problems, which need quick solution. I have always born responsibility for all my actions because I realize that my words, actions or thoughts may change the world for better.

The main goal of my life is the development of social work in our society. I combined my education with my life experience. Social work opened new opportunities for growth in the field of aid and charity. In our time, education is the main young man’s aim. With the help of professors at the University of Tennessee and Knoxville College of Social Work, I got PhD degree in clinical psychology, which will be helpful for my future profession.

In general, social workers are not satisfied just to examine social problems. They would rather take action to prevent problems, attack problematic situations that can be avoided, and help people to deal with troublesome situations that cannot be changed. To achieve this goal, social workers provide services that include such activities as individual counseling, family and group therapy, linking people to the network of services in their communities, etc. Indeed, social work is an applied science. I have always had an interest in exploring clinical psychology. I had my first experience as a social worker when my friend fell ill and I had to carry him to the hospital. That is why I decided to get a PhD degree in clinical psychology. I got my first degree in sociology and social work in 2005.  

Obtaining a PhD degree in clinical psychology is the pinnacle of my formal educational achievements. PhD graduates have experienced an unrivalled opportunity to realize, cultivate and unleash their intellectual potential. The considerable individual and public investment that improves PhD education creates personal as well as social expectations about the importance of the PhD candidates’ activity, whether they would apply their abilities to academic, governmental, business or the non-profit sectors of economy. My main goals of studying clinical psychology concern the need to meet psychosocial needs of patients, suffering of cancer and to address the issue of rampant cases of domestic violence. 

I had a difficult choice of employment in human services sphere. The main argument of my choice was the importance of this profession for society. Social workers deal with the representatives of health care professions (doctors, nurses etc.), as well as with teachers and police officers. Professional contacts of social workers depend on their narrow specialization. Social workers may have poorer perceptions of team functioning and experience higher levels of role conflict than their colleagues, who are involved in the sphere of a healthcare activity. I am a communicative person and an inspiring team leader so professional contacts with people of other occupations would be useful for them and me.

Achieving a PhD degree in clinical psychology would give me an opportunity to work with graduates in my country, as I want to be a professor someday. This position would give me the opportunity to change the society for better by imparting appropriate knowledge of the graduate students. Working with these brilliant minds would enable me to improve Arabian society and help to reduce the increasing number of domestic violence cases in Saudi Arabia. Being a professor would also give me more opportunities of conducting scientific research that would help to reduce the number of domestic violence cases and change the mindset of the Arabian men towards their women.

I continued an education to the level of the Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Social Work at the University of Tennessee. It gave me an opportunity to receive the highest degree in this sphere of activity. Cooperation with professors as well as my independent practical work created the basis of my profession. This degree is the next significant step in my life that will bring me respect from the side of patients and colleagues. I have already received a scholarship to pursue my PhD in Sociology, and now I have decided that the University of Tennessee is the best place to begin this next great step in my life and professional activity.