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6 Tips to Writing a Winning Business Proposal


Before writing business proposal assignment, a person must have a draft plan of what to include. There is a specific order for business proposal exists. Usually, professors ask students to stick to the order not only because it helps to grade paper more efficiently but the order provides a guidance to what to include in proposal memorandums. It makes a writing process more organized and easier. Writing a business proposal requires a deep understanding of the topic and how it could bring the changes. Many students search for how to write a business proposal and there are not many resources who give you the real working tips. Check out some powerful tricks from our professional writers to follow while writing a business proposal.
So here are 6 writing tips that can make your proposal a strong candidate for excellent grade:


Tip 1: Write a catchy executive summary
People say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, however, a business proposal is a case where executive summary is a face of the whole proposal. In particular, if your proposal consists of 10+ pages, the first page with executive summary becomes even more special. The first impression is important because it represents an innuendo about what is inside. Secondly, it is not surprising that people read the first page and then start to skim through the text. Your executive summary must hit all the high notes, describing why your project is the optimal choice.


Tip 2: Organize proposal with subheadings
A properly organized paper not only easier to write but also to read. Nothing makes readers’ mind go insane like endless descriptions of proposed portfolio management process, buzzwords, and irrelevant information. If you could put your idea into two paragraphs, why make them read five? The more succinct and eloquent your thoughts, the better a reader can understand your point of view and your reasons regarding the choice.


Tip 3: Create a docket
This tip derives from the previous one. It is vital for a reader to see how can your proposal satisfy the needs. Bullet points, dockets, lists make a proposal steps more tangible. Moreover, when a person wants to come back and reread your plan, it is easy to find a list in a middle of paragraphs. You may give the names to the steps and later on develop an explanation for a better understanding.


Tip 4: Answer the questions
In a business proposal, there is a series of questions to be answered:  Reasons why this proposed portfolio management process was chosen, description of the proposed selection criteria, how will it be applied, methods of applying etc. It is important to hit the ground: in this way you’re showing that you’re a good listener; you possess a relevant information and you can give them what they want. 


Tip 5: Ensure relevant examples 
One of the best ways to prove to a vice president/ CEO/ client that you are able to complete successfully their project is by showing relevant examples of your past. You can list 3-5 of your achievements and they will work as testimonials. Don’t exaggerate and remember about tip #2 of being succinct. A deft reader can easily distinguish between sincere words and a lie.


Tip 6: Don’t focus on yourself
It is important to end your proposal with not your advantages, explanation about how you’re unique and that is you who can help. A reader likes a feeling of participation, and therefore, it is essential to talk about a reader instead of yourself. Appeal to readers’ emotions, describe the needs and conclude with a summary of your solution. Make your client come to the decision that you is the perfect fit for them as your understand their situation and have a handful of tools for a solution.

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