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5 Tips for Being More Productive

How to be more productive

Some days may feel like you cannot focus on a single thing and you have so many errands to run, tons of essays to write to submit for your professors that you usually forget what have you eaten for breakfast that day. Other days, you feel relaxed, you just submitted your mid-term papers and have another 6 weeks before your finals. Apparently you might be stuck in your daily routine and you desperately need to energize and stay away from the drill. There is a number of ways how we can use our personalities to be more productive at what we do and essays we need to write. But first of all, we need to find our productivity style. 


1. Define what productivity means to you. Prioritize your errands and try to figure out which ones are usually left behind your schedule. There tons of guides on how to be productive, but neither of them make a personal approach to your definition of productivity, they always look at it through their personal experience and backgrounds. Time-management strategies are not going to work if you do not determine how you personally think and process information. There might be thousands of planners and time-management personal coaches, but if you do not have inspiration and a drive, nothing is going to help.


2. Use Pareto rule. The theory says that if to consider your time as a 100 percent, only 20 of them are most productive and this is the time when 80 percent of your tasks could be done. It is always good to measure how much time you need to complete a certain task, like writing a paper. I advice to measure minutes/hours it takes for you to write one page. How much time it takes to conduct research or design your paper according to a specific paper format.


3. Use your natural strength to succeed. If you are a Prioritizer, you probably use a analytical data and use it as your advantage. Time yourself in every errands you are running. How much time you surf Internet? How much time you watch Netflix?

If you are a Planner and you love to-do lists, group several tasks together so it will take less time for you to switch from one group of errands to another. 

If you are an Arranger, you probably love to interact with other people, which means scheduling some social time with your friends or student fellows is crucial for your productivity. 

If your are a Visualizer, you love juggling multiple tasks and you feel very comfortable with working under pressure or tight deadlines. You probably hate focusing on one thing for hours, and so your productivity will burst into results if you try to focus on different things within a short period of time. Schedule your time to work for 20 minutes on one project, for 25 minutes on another and 20 minutes on a third project. 


4. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles to find out what suits your own style. Review your own strategies that make you productive and try to mix it with some other style in order to find some new combination your productivity. 


5. Brainstorm from time to time. Apparently you have your goals on becoming a professional or getting a certain type of job after your graduation. Try to get as much as possible information on what kind of skills your future perfect position requires what kind of skills you have to start developing now to challenge yourself to become the most productive one.