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5 Steps to How to Write a Killing Book Review

How to Kill it in Book Review

How to Write a Killing Book Review

Most students are not big fans of writing book reviews, as they think that you should read the whole book before being able to give a decent analysis on it. Moreover, any book review requires not only the knowledge of what the book is about, but also have an own opinion on the topics mentioned in there. Your professor usually wants to hear your perspective of the book and how do you agree or disagree with the author. There are several steps you should follow to make your book review interesting to a reader and make him read the book himself right away. 


Start your essay by telling what the book is about

The book review should not be longer than 2-3 pages double spaced, which makes it quite a limited space for you to talk about the book. The first couple of sentences you want to dedicate to a story in the book itself, without giving any analysis or providing your own opinion. You should focus on the plot of the book or the main sections of the book. Do not forget the this is not a report on the plot of the book, but a review and so do not exceed your plot analysis for more than half a page. The last sentence of this paragraph should match your idea you are going to write in your last paragraph, so that the author will know from the very beginning if you recommend the book or not. The following paragraphs are going to explain WHY?


State what you liked about the book

The next paragraph will tell the reader what you liked about the book. Did the story had something related to you life? Or maybe you had a favorite character in the book? What were you thinking while reading it? Did you like the writing style of the author? Did the book made you cry or laugh? Any particular scenes that resembled you your personal experience? 

All this information is going to help you to address your own feelings about the book. No matter whether it is a fiction book or a real life story, your personal liking experience will help the reader to understand your emotions you experienced when reading it. All people have different perspectives on things and that is why the reader of your book review could understand your perspective on certain things, especially the ones mentioned in the book.


State what you disliked about the book

Write about what wrong when you were reading the book. Were there any stories or scenes that annoyed you? You disagreed? How was it not good enough that you disliked it? Any particular part, scene or the whole book? What would you do differently if you were the main character? 

This section will give your reader your opinion from the inside, how differently you think from the author. Have you had a similar experience in your life where you acted differently? You disliking the book is not wrong. Writing a book review has not right or wrong statement, because this is how you precept the things described by the author. This is like comparing whatever is written in the book to your life experience and what you felt different about it. 


Give an overall analysis to your review

Summarize your opinion on the book by choosing whether you finally liked it or not. Book reviews are tricky, as the plot is not really an essential part of the essay, but your own opinion is. State if you would recommend this book to other readers. Specify the audience that should read this book and whether it is important or not. You could even bring up several aspects on why this book will be important to one or another group of people and what positive or negative influence it might bring. 


Give it a rating star

You may end up your essay by giving the book a rating grade from 1 to 10, for instance, and simply feel like you are writing one sentence about it anonymously. Your reader will appreciate it, as you would give a quick honest rating to the book and this last sentence may be a catch whether or not the reader of your review will read this book. 


Writing a book report, do not forget to use formal language. Even though the report mainly states your own opinion on the book and your cross-experience with whatever is written in there, you language style should still remain formal. Your professor is not only going to evaluate your thoughts about the book, but also the writing style and paper format you are using. In case the professor specified the exact instructions to follow or questions to be answered about the book, you should always include them in your review.