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5 Best Scenarios for writing a Strong Essay on the Freedom of Religion

5 Best Scenarios for writing a Strong Essay on the Freedom of Religion

Religion has a significant influence on every man’s life, as the existence of the higher power has been raised for centuries. This topic has been very popular for year and professors like to assign such assignment for the students, because today’s classes become more and more diverse. Schools’ administrations try to spread out tolerance, understanding and respect among students in order to recognize all religions and that everyone is different has different views on religion. The following 5 possible topics might help you through the brainstorming process and save some time writing your own paper.

Freedom of Religion

Scenario #1. Should Prayer be Allowed in Schools?

When our parents were students they used to recite the Lord’s prayer in the beginning of the class. It is impossible to say that the whole American population was Christian back then.It was just not that diversified and respectful about others. Today, when the things are way too different and people more and more respect others for their beliefs. This makes it impossible to simply choose one religion and conduct religious practice, because other may get offended. It is impossible nowadays to simply honor one religions and disregard the other ones. Therefore, in case school board decides to start classes with a prayer, then they either should respect all religions, or disregard this idea as it may take too much time to conduct religious customs from different religions. 

Scenario #2.  Founding Father and what they used to think on Religion. 

Founding Fathers established the United States for people and they put religion on a special place, making sure it was separated from the government and that every person had a right to express whatever they believed in . Today the government proceeded even further and made sure religion is separated from sports, schools, holidays and social life. In order to not offend anyone, people no longer say “Merry Christmas”, as Christmas is only a Christian holiday and so that other religions may be offended. That is why “Happy Holidays” is the most appropriate one today so that you would tolerate with all other people living in the country. 

Scenario #3. Should Polygamy be Legal?

There are some religions who consider polygamy as a normal social effect. They allow their church members to have more than just one wife and this actually falls under the freedom of religion. Even though the majority of the world disapproves this phenomenon and some countries even have some severe penalties, if that is what Mormon church members believe in, they should have a right to follow it. 

Scenario #4. What Religious Views may endanger lives

There are some religious communities who consider the modern medicine as something outrageous and not godly. Therefore, they may refuse any medical treatment even though they might really need it. Some laws may consider these preferences to be intentional and many people ask a question if there anything that could be done to such people?

Scenario #5. Muslims in America

This is not a secret that the way most of world sees Muslim is very negative. It is apparent that the whole culture cannot be judged on the mistakes of some individuals, but the propaganda is so severe that Muslim people are starting to face numerous issues in their home towns. Instead of planting a seed of fear and insecurity, the government should pay more attention how to make people treat each other with respect and make sure the society in united. 


Writing a paper on the freedom of religion can be considered as a tough one, as it requires a deep research on the religion custom, issues and the analysis of this issue in the scope of American society. Any essay on the freedom of religion requires a strong position, critical analysis of the issue and the possible solution on how to make it different so that people would experience less inconveniences on the religious basis.