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20 Topic Ideas for Your Persuasive Essay

Have no idea how to write a Persuasive Essay? Stuck with your topic and do not have experience enough in writing your Essay? Stop biting your nails, relax and read further instructions on how to write a Persuasive Essay. We list 20 most effective Persuasive Essay topics for you and an example how to style the essay and the table of content for Persuasive Essay writing. 

1. Electric Cars versus gas cars?

2. Should students wear a uniform?

3. Should college athletes get paid?

4. Vegetarians versus meat eaters?

5. Should Russians burry Lenin?

6. Drinking age: 18 or 21? 

7. Should America be on metric system?

8. Is Electoral College system effective?

9. Does Social media create isolation? 

10. Cats or Dogs?

11. When should chilled be allowed to have their own cell phones?

12. Night Own or Early Bird?

13. Earning bigger money versus doing work that benefits society?

14. Give or receive?

15. Who contributes more to society: doctors or teachers?

16. Should students and professors be friends on Facebook?

17. Cash versus plastic cards?

18. Hunting your own turkey or buying the one is grocery store?

19. Coke versus Pepsi?

20. American football versus soccer?


Persuasive essays are very similar to Argumentative Essay, but they are a bit softer. Persuasive essay does not aim to create a strong argument and a severe citation support, but to convince the audience about your own perspective on the topic. The literature support can be provided in the essay, but do not forget that your personal consideration on the topic and personal experience is more important. 

Sample Persuasive Essay: Electric Cars versus gas cars?


  2. BODY: Gas cars vs. electric cars (Advantages of gas cars over electric cars)

Body 1: Maintenance infrastructure  

Claim 1: There is a well-developed gas car repairing infrastructure 

Supporting idea 1:  Gas car parts and spares are widely available

Supporting idea 2:  Gas car parts and spares are widely interchangeable

Supporting idea 3: Gas auto repair shops are widely available

Claim 2: Fueling infrastructure 

Supporting idea 1:

Supporting idea 2:  There is a well-developed system of gas delivery

Supporting idea 3: There is a well-developed network of gas stations

Body 2: Adjustment

Claim 1:  Driving schools are well-adjusted to gas engines

Supporting idea 1: Gas autos prevail in car parks of driving schools

Supporting idea 2: Gas car instructors prevail in driving schools

Supporting idea 3: Gas car tutorials prevail in driving schools

Claim 2: Car shops are mainly focused on gas engines

Supporting idea 1: Gas autos prevail in car shops

Supporting idea 2: Gas car sales managers prevail in car shops

Supporting idea 3: Customer support in car shops is focused on gas cars

 Body 3: Price & performance

Claim 1: Gas cars are more affordable

Supporting idea 1: Gas cars are less expensive

Supporting idea 2: Gas car parts and spares are cheaper

Supporting idea 3: Gas fuel may cost less than electricity

Claim 2: Gas cars are more functional

Supporting idea 1: Gas cars have more power

Supporting idea 2: Gas cars have a longer range

Supporting idea 1: Gas cars take less time to charge


I. Introduction

With all of the debates about alternative energy and global warming, people seem to be persistently looking for ways to improve vehicles that would run on something other than traditional fuel. Nevertheless, numerous advantages of gas-powered vehicles over electric cars allow gas autos remain kings of the road.

First of all, gas powered vehicles take advantage of a modern maintenance (repairing and fueling) infrastructure developed for their existence. Secondly, most establishments dealing with automobiles (riving schools, car shops) are commonly adjustment to gas vehicles. And thirdly, gas cars are more advantageous for saving money and higher functioning.


II. Gas cars vs. electric cars (Advantages of gas cars over electric cars)

1. Maintenance infrastructure 

Considering maintenance infrastructure, there are no problems with repairing gas cars. Whatever car parts or car spares an owner of a gas car is looking for there is always a great choice of gas auto parts and spares in a great number of auto parts shops available both in every corner of every city and online. Moreover, stock items – mainly transmission, small engine and brake parts – can often be used in other models. Besides, auto repair shops around every corner make repairing gas cars very easy (Litherland, 2015). However, this is not the case with electric cars. As yet there is a very limited number of electric auto parts shops and electric auto repair shops.

As to fueling gas cars, there is a well-developed system of drilling teams to locate oil and refineries to turn it into gas. There are specially adjusted trucks to transport it. There is a great deal of service stations to put gas up for sale. Owing to this constantly running machine, people who buy a gas-powered automobile do not have any problems with finding the fuel they need. This makes fueling all gas cars very convenient. On the other hand, people who drive electric vehicles do not commonly have such a convenience.


2. Adjustment

Next, considering prevailing adjustment of driving schools and car shops to gas-powered engines, more than 99% of modern driving schools have gas autos in their car parks. There is still a great lack of electric car instructors and tutorials in driving schools now. For example, in Germany, as a part of a pilot program, only 5 driving schools got electric cars –each school got 1 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and 1 Smart For Two Electric Drive, along with a charging station, – and included “electric-car-specific lessons in their driver training programs (Edelstein, 2016)”.

Besides, there is a lack of car shops specialized on electric engines. Car shops are full of gas vehicles. Training of sales managers is focused mainly on gas vehicles. Customer support is also more adjusted to gas cars service.


3. Price & performance

And finally, discussing price and functioning of gas cars, comparatively-speaking, gas-powered automobiles are less expensive to produce and therefore they are by far more affordable option on the market, along with this gas vehicles have more functional advantages. Gas-powered vehicles cost thousands of dollars less than electric models, and even less than fuel cell or natural gas vehicles. The global market is overfilled with gas-powered cars, and many drivers would be much more willing to purchase a vehicle at a lower price, with car parts easily bought at a lower price, than they would be to purchase a much more expensive automobile, with higher repair costs down the road (Litherland, 2015). Moreover, despite the fact that every single situation may be different depending on current and local prices, gas fueling is nearly always cheaper than electrical charging (Michaelbluejay.com, 2015).

Concerning car performance, one of the main difficulties people who drive electric cars encounter is that they just do not have the power that gas-powered automobiles can provide. Electric vehicles accelerate slowly; and while they can do the posted speed limit without any difficulty, they are not able to reach the higher speed rates that gas-powered vehicles can. In addition, during accelerating from a full stop, there is a considerable delay in a electric vehicles that gas cars do not have (Litherland, 2015). Another problem is that electric cars are limited in the distance. Electric vehicles cannot travel more than 100 – 150 miles at a time, while gas cars can have a range of 400 miles or more (Nationalpost.com, 2015). And, last but not least, electric cars usually take time up to seven – eight hours to charge, while gas vehicles can be fueled in only a few minutes (Litherland, 2015).   



So, taking all this into account, we can draw a conclusion that, despite their much talked about threat to the environment, gas-powered cars still dominate the international market for automobiles thanks to their considerable benefits to buying and driving gas-powered vehicles: there is a reliable gas cars service and adjustment; gas cars are cheaper; they are faster and more powerful, they drive longer distance and get refueled much faster. Therefore, thanks to their infrastructure, adjustment, cost and power advantages, gas vehicles are likely to hold the key niche in the automobile industry in the near future.


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