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 20 best Health Care Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect papers are the most fun to write. There are two main strategies you stick to while writing this type of an essay. First of all, you should be very clear whether you are going to discuss the cause or the effect of the situation, or both. Secondly, you should be very precise about the order of the causes and effects you are going to discuss, as the essay will be much more professional if you follow the rule one cause or one effect per a paragraph. 

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays usually sticks to a scenario, discussing a situation or a specific condition and providing a deep cause and effect analysis on it. The script of cause and effect essay is quite easy as it usually sticks to the template stating what caused this situation or a condition, and what is the effect of it. 

The language used for cause and effect papers should not be biased or argumentative, rather than objectively providing causes and effects of the situation. You can develop some solutions throughout your essay, but it is important to not to convert your essay to the cause and solution paper. 

We developed 20 most killing and coherent cause and effect essay topics for Health Care discipline, so feel free to use them:

1. Impact of drug use on a human body

2. Stress impact on health

3. How smoking affects pregnancy

4. What makes a person to be a good physician 

5. Alcohol and nervous system

6. Cause and effect of insomnia

7. Does owning a pet impacts one’s heath? 

8. Does climate change impact the human health?

9. What is the impact birth control had on a woman’s health?

10. What causes people to develop allergies?

11. What causes people to seek help from traditional Chinese medicine and herbal treatment?

12. What causes the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa?

13. What impact does emotional problems have on immunity?

14. Are anorexia and bulimia caused by the lack of emotional support?

15. What effect does abortion have on a woman’s reproductive system? 

16. How does a person’s diet impacts his health?

17. Social effect on having braces

18. What causes the most common cardiovascular diseases?

19. What causes cancer?

20. What is the cause and effect of Alzheimer’s disease?


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