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10 Killing Cultural Studies College Essay Topics

Writing techniques and tips on how to write a killing Cultural Studies College Essay

Many students ask us helping finding them topic for their essays or simply provide them with some decent piece of advice or an example of how a good philosophy essay should look like. Despite’s describing, how essay structure is crucial for every single student essay, it is necessary to mention that any student paper should really relate to the topic assigned and incorporate only credible sources for its citation. 

Cultural Studies Essay Topics

Even though our professional writers team is always available to help you out when you stumble with your essay writing, our team makes sure that our website is a resource of deep knowledge and understanding of college essay writing. Giving you advice on various topics helps us sleeping better. 

We’ve recently received a number of order on Cultural Studies and noticed that there are too many assignments on the importance of language and culture, together with their influence on the personal development. In addition, we have noticed that students usually have to pick the topics for their own essay and provide their own position on the topic’s importance. Therefore, we have created for you a brief list on some easy and philosophically important Cultural Studies topic so that your essay will bring you the highest grade. 

1. How language is very important, central even, to who we are as individuals. 

2. How language isn’t very important to who a person is 

3. How knowing a language is like knowing a culture 

4. How not knowing a language keeps people from knowing a culture 

5. What happens to families when they do not share the same language 

6. The relationship between language and culture 

7. The social pressure to learn English 

8. The connection between learning English and assimilating into American culture 

9. The value of resisting American culture and total assimilation 

10. The possibilities of living in two worlds – the dominant American/English/middle‐class world and a home world which may be very different.


Do not forget that some topics in Cultural Studies class may be a combination of Education and Philosophy fields of studies, making it more tricky to write. 

First of all, keep in mind that writing a college essay requires you to reflect you own approach to the topic, together with some credible opinion on the same topic. Cultural studies college essay should be based on your personal beliefs, which should demonstrate the influence of your college work, readings and thinkers. 

Second, remember that grammar is everything when writing a college essay. Your professor will not only evaluate your ability to develop your thoughts in cultural studies, but also will monitor your ability to express your idea in a grammatically correct way. Make sure to watch your agreements, to use complete sentences and do not make your essay too stuffy, one idea per paragraph is a GOLDEN rule in academic essay writing. 

Third, make sure to use positive thinking and avoid any kind of slang. After reading your essay your professor should smile and not cry. And do not forget that even though you are not writing a thesis, your college essay should still remain as academic as possible. These are your first steps preparing yourself to write a grand proposal in the future. 

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