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Getting a professional writer to write your essay is crucial when order an essay. Our main priority is the quality of the paper you receive from us and, therefore, we make sure to target the quality of several levels, including your deadline, the quality of the written text, including the originality and the fact of following your specific instructions. Many customers come to us with specific instructions from their professors to follow in order to receive the highest grade.

The writer working on your order will combine the golden rules of academic writing along with the specific instructions your professor provided you with, so that your paper will correspond the every bit of it. We train our writers to be able to write any type of essay and that is why the writer does have to spend any time researching on how to write a specific type of the essay. In addition to that, we managed to split the quality control in order to target it on several levels. Your order is written by an expert writer, who communicates with you throughout the whole writing process. This person is very proficient in your topic and the area of expertise. In addition to that, your every order is being checked by an English expert  to make sure the paper looks good in terms of grammar and the relevance. We also check your order on similarity index and the instruction following element. 

All our writers have at least a Masters degree in the area they specialize in. In addition to that, they come through the training program, where we teach them how to write academic essays, including the types of papers, formats and the structure and significance of every type of writing. Passing the test at the end of the training program gives a writer an ability to start helping our customers with their essay. In order to be able to provide you with a 24/7 writing service, we managed to hire professional writers from different parts of the world so that all of your orders are addressed in details. 

Your writer is always there for your to answer any of your questions related to the topic.